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Recent Media:

Stephanie Bonne, trauma surgeon at Rutgers-Newark University Hospital, appeared as a panelist on The Dr. Oz Show following the viral success her hashtag (#ThisisMyLane). 

More than 46 percent of eligible New Jersey residents voted in last week’s midterm elections, and 28 states surpassed their 2014 midterm election rates. On campus, the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics has many programs that are designed to promote civic engagement
among students.

Avram Lewis, an acclaimed journalist and filmmaker, has worked for Al Jazeera and is the co-founder and strategic director of The Leap. He will teach Topics in Emerging Media 1: Documentary and Social Change at Rutgers this spring semester. 

On Sept. 2, the National Brazilian Museum spontaneously caught fire destroying many of the 20 million artifacts housed within the building — including dragonfly and termite holotypes essential to helping confirm new discoveries made by Rutgers researchers. 

Approximately 80 students make up the Rutgers chapter of Enactus, which uses entrepreneurship to provide nonprofits in the New Brunswick area with training and resources needed to continue operating over the long term.

The poll was conducted statewide and includes responses from approximately 800 New Jersey adults about the opioid crisis.

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