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Rajesh Geria, a now former physician at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, issued two public apologies on his personal Twitter account. The apologies are no longer viewable as his account has been deleted. 

Rajesh Geria, a now former physician at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center (RWJMC), has taken down his personal Twitter account containing posts expressing anti-feminist views.

In a long Twitter thread, Geria tweeted in response to an initial post, on Jan. 1, of a Venn diagram articulating the opinion that feminism has no correlation with misandry, or an ingrained prejudice against men, “Looks like you are a second year resident? For a feminist you really got big balls since half the people on twitter could end your career before it even starts. Be careful young feminist.”

Taylor Nichols, an Emergency Medicine physician from Portland, Oregon, was the Twitter user who posted the Venn diagram. The thread escalated with a back-and-forth between the two, and other users participated as well, leading Geria to ultimately post these tweets.

During the same Twitter exchange, Geria responded to Nichols further with a tweet that stated, “Little Taylor hoping to get a big promotion from dr. Choo for pushing her agenda. So cute!!!” The “dr. Choo” he is referring to is Esther Choo, a medical physician who works with Nichols and is a feminist activist on Twitter.  

The tweets by Geria do not seem to be exclusive to Nichols and his colleagues. Geria, in a reply to a post by Mark Yoffe, an internal medicine physician, said, “Multiple EM physicians are in process of assembling legal teams to sue your ass for slander and defamation. Get ready for a big fall you pathetic shit.” It is unclear what Geria was responding to, if the threat materialized into an actual court case or whom the other physicians Geria was referring to were. 

Geria, before deleting his account, issued two public apologies. The latter of the two apologized to Nichols, Choo and others and stated that he spoke with Dr. Dara Kass, a medical doctor and host of the podcast, "FemInEM," who is helping him understand feminism and its positive impacts. He will listen to some of these podcasts and may even attend the "FemInEM" conference in the spring.

“I believe this positive change is what I need to continue practicing EM at the highest level,” Geria wrote in the tweet. “I want to be an ally to the movement and NOT an enemy.”

Before Geria deleted his account, he had posted other tweets regarding a gender-neutral Santa, saying "What will they think of next!? . Let's confuse kids even more. Stop the madness." One tweet linked to a story from the Foundation for Economic Education titled, “Harvard Study: ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Explained Entirely by Work Choices of Men and Women.”

Geria's professional profile was listed on the RWJMC website until the latter part of the first full week of January, when many of the aforementioned tweets first drew the attention of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School's official Twitter account, which tweeted that it had forwarded the posts in question to its leadership. Geria voluntarily resigned from his position at RWJMC.

Neal Buccino, associate director of Public Media and Relations for Rutgers—New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, said that Geria no longer works for the University, adding, "The views he expressed on his personal social media account are not those of the University."

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Geria lost his job at RWJMC. This article has been updated with corrections. 

Brendan Brightman

Brendan Brightman is a School of Arts and Sciences junior double majoring in political science and English. He is a contributing writer @The Daily Targum. 

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